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Luís Ferreira Alves: fotografias em obras de Souto Moura published by scopio Editions initiates a collection of publications more focused on Architectural Photography, promoting a global critical analysis of both these worlds, looking for various intersections amongst them, as well as exploring the singular and meaningful relations that are established between the photographer and the architect, their artistic processes, collective memories, stories and other issues related to their work and life paths.

All this explains why the present publication integrates in its handwritten texts, personal stories, drawings and other images besides the photographic images of Eduardo Souto de Moura's built architecture. The purpose is to make a difference towards other publications, which excessively mediatize architecture through standalone images and that too often provides a ver superficial understanding to the wider public what architecture represents, failing to offer a deeper comprehension of this practice that operates within larger systems - socio-cultural, technical, political and historical - or fails to communicate the singular and important relation that the photographer can establish with the architect and his work.

Authors Collection

AUTHORS COLLECTION collection is the publishing medium for photographic projects specifically designed to be developed as an artist’s book and linked to Artistic and Documentary Photography on Architecture, City and Territory and the publishing medium for various artistic projects, especially creative, research and plastic expression works in the eld of contemporary art, and related to the topics of Architecture, City and Territory.
Our goal is to promote both notable works and new authors, showing the potential of the author's book as a unique medium for communicating multiple perspectives and combining diverse art expressions, in order to convey, in a poetic and documental way, the multiple issues related to architecture and the spaces where people live and work.
We want to publish photo projects combining documentary and artistic universe in such a way that they may create synergies and allow for an innovative reading and understanding of territory and of how peo- ple appropriate the spaces where they live and work in our contemporary world.

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