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Memorability as an Image (2011–2016) is the governing title of three photographic studies, Heavy Simplicity (Patterned), Brutal Relics and Civic Stage, together they isolate the relationships of object, surface, fabric and materiality, extrapolating narratives and structures of experiences in loss and vision of a post war movement that refuses to disappear. Referencing what is architectural critic Reyner Banham’s seminal description of his own coined term, New Brutalism:

1, Memorability as an image: 2, Clear exhibition of structure; and 3,Valuation of Materials “as found”. Remembering that an image is what affects the emotions, that structure, in it’s fullest sense, is the relationship of parts, and that materials “as found” are raw materials. – Reyner Banham

Signed copies from an edition of   /200

Authors and Editors: Pedro Leão Neto (ed.), James Smith

Authors Collection

AUTHORS COLLECTION collection is the publishing medium for photographic projects speci cally de- signed to be developed as an artist’s book and linked to Artistic and Documentary Photography on Ar- chitecture, City and Territory and the publishing medium for various artistic projects, especially creative, research and plastic expression works in the eld of contemporary art, and related to the topics of Archi- tecture, City and Territory.
Our goal is to promote both notable works and new authors, showing the potential of the author ́s book as a unique medium for communicating multiple perspectives and combining diverse art expressions, in order to convey, in a poetic and documental way, the multiple issues related to architecture and the spaces where people live and work.
We want to publish photo projects combining documentary and artistic universe in such a way that they may create synergies and allow for an innovative reading and understanding of territory and of how peo- ple appropriate the spaces where they live and work in our contemporary world.

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