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On the Surface – Images of Architecture and Public Space in debate

2nd edition of the international conference

The second edition of the International Seminar “On the Surface: Public space and Architectural Images in Debate” aimed to continue the success of its first edition that proved to be an important forum for debate an reflection about public space and architectural images, whose work can be seen in the catalogue “On the Surface: Public Space and Architectural Imagens in Debate” and in “Visual Narratives: European Capital of Culture Guimarães 2012, scopio EDITIONS”.

The seminar’s second edition structure integrated a conference with multiple sessions and a photography workshop in the city of Guimarães – European Capital of Culture 2012 – that had as result a collective exhibition and a publication with the set of selected works. A rich and multifaceted event wich included, in addition to the traditional congress, a series of round tables, exhibits and a photography workshop in order to strengthen the diffusion, reflection and informal discussion around the themes of Photography an Archtecture.

Authors e Editors: Alexandra Areia, Ana Aragão, Ana Rodrigues, Andreia Garcia, Anselmo Canha, António Coelho, Augusto Sousa, Bruno Moreira, Cláudio Reis, David Kendall, Duarte Belo, Eduardo Brito, Elias Redstone, Eric Farr, Giaime Meloni, Gonçalo Morgado da Silva, Ivo Poças Martins, João Castro Ferreira, Joaquim Moreno, Jorge Marum, José Luís Neves, Luis Lus-Arana, Luís Urbano, Manuel Montenegro, Marco Iuliano, Margarida Medeiros, Michele Nastasi, Miguel Silva Graça, Mohsen S. Far, Nuno Grande, Patrícia Almeida, Pedro Bandeira, Pedro Galvão Lucas, Pedro Leão Neto, Pedro Rocha, Philip Ursprung, Rita Castro Neves, Siddarth Pandey, Susana Ventura, Tiago Casanova, Vítor Silva. Pedro Leão Neto (ed.)


About this collection

The collection Debates is the medium of disclosure of the authors that had participated in debates, conferences through articles, projects or works seen of interest and with significative quality. Works that in a way promote a widen reflection on Architecture images, being understood as a practice and a discipline able to integrate the social-economic, political, historical and technical domains. This means, between other things, to reflect about the contribute of the images in the comprehension of reality and the construction of imaginaries, between the document and the fiction, between the reproduction and the manipulation, between the analog and the digital. The collection, which will be opened to many conferences, will be the main medium of disclosure of the internacional conference On the Surface.

The universe of interest of the scopio Editions is, in general terms, the one of Architecture, Art and Image (AAI) and, in specific terms, the one of the Documental and Artistic Photography related to Architecture, City and Territory.

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