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On the Surface - Photography and Architecture: Crossing Borders, Shifting Boundaries. Book of abstracts

This edition of the collection Debates gathers abstracts of the 3rd Edition of the International Seminar On the Surface, 2014, about the theme Photography and Architecture - Crossing Borders, Moving Limits, and had place at the Faculty of Architecture of the University of Porto (FAUP).
We believe that this 3rd edition will help promoting the awareness and reflexion about Documental and Artistic Photography and its conception as an instrument to question the universe of Architecture, City and Territory. This means, among other things, having a wide comprehension about the Architecture's world, as a practice and a discipline that operates, on one hand, in the real space, influencing our perceptive experience and exploring new codes and spacial forms, and one the other, that operates inside wider systems: socio-cultural, technical, political and historical.

Authors and Editors: Ângela Ferreira, Cláudio Reis, Diogo Aguiar, Eduardo Brito, Eduardo Fernandes, Emanuel Brás, Francisco Ferreira, Gabriela Vaz-Pinheiro, Giaime Meloni, José Maria da Silva Lopes, José Pedro Sousa, José Capela, Marco Iuliano, Mark Durden, Mariana Pestana, Olívia da Silva, Paulo Catrica, Paul Seawright, Pedro Bandeira, Pedro Campos Costa, Pedro Gadanho, Pedro Jordão, Pedro Leão Neto, Susana Ventura, Vitor dos Reis. Pedro Leão Neto (ed.)

About this collection

The collection Debates is the medium of disclosure of the authors that had participated in debates, conferences through articles, projects or works seen of interest and with significative quality. Works that in a way promote a widen reflection on Architecture images, being understood as a practice and a discipline able to integrate the social-economic, political, historical and technical domains. This means, between other things, to reflect about the contribute of the images in the comprehension of reality and the construction of imaginaries, between the document and the fiction, between the reproduction and the manipulation, between the analog and the digital. The collection, which will be opened to many conferences, will be the main medium of disclosure of the internacional conference On the Surface.

The universe of interest of the scopio Editions is, in general terms, the one of Architecture, Art and Image (AAI) and, in specific terms, the one of the Documental and Artistic Photography related to Architecture, City and Territory.

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