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This third issue, of the first cycle of scopio Magazine, entitled Aboveground: Territory, focuses on Territorial transformation linked to large scale land art or landscape architecture as well as to local or regional urban planning; the concept of Aboveground is closely related with two notions: Aboveground as landscape and surface) and Aboveground as Architecture, City and Territory (an in-depth historical process).

One of the aims of this issue was to bring to light how the political and economical power control space, affecting the built environment, as well as the experiences of people and their culture. Working with the ideas of invisibility and appearance, the photographic images can be used to represent "what is no longer there anymore", i.e.: to go beyond its appearance. We selected works that explore in a creative way the use of photography as a tool to confront our memories of space, in order to reveal unknown realities and present a critical view of our territory.

Authors and Editors:
Pedro Leão Neto (ed.), Xavier Ribas, Bas Princen, Carlos Lobo, Álvaro Domingues, Duarte Belo, François Penz, Susana Paiva, Bruno Pires, Andreas Muller-Pohle, Miguel Carneiro, Pelucas Martin, Filip Dujardin, Boaz Aharonovitch, Dara McGrath, João Margalha

The universe of interest of scopio editions is, generically, that of Architectue, Art and Image (AAI) and, specifically, that of Documental and Artistic Photography related with Architecture, City and Territory. SCOPIO Editions has a dynamic structure integrating periodical and non-periodical publications, with the aim of divulging the several works and authors who use or research the universe of Architecture, Art and Image, with special focus on Documentary and Artistic photography, related with Architecture, City and territory, in a critical, exploratory and innovative approach.

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