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Ângela Ferreira

"Indian's Heart" or in tupi , indigenous language, "Nynhã Aba" is an artist book based on my process of investigation about the the indigenous and rustic communities of Northeast Brazil. With a new and distinct format from the original, this scopio Magazine Addendum "Nynhã Aba" presents itself as an artistic book format, a book object that aims to create a visually artistic experience, through a poetic path of investigation, enhanced by the intention to promote an affective aesthetic of Photography. This story is told through the symbolic representations, the happenings, the legends of the indigenous history, imagined and re-invented, expressed on the fairy tales, that permeate the indigenous universe that, after all, is a rustic culture, infinitely rich and re-invented. "Indian's Heart" was elaborated to make us feel the re-dimensioning of time, by what its rhythm and language makes it an unique object on which the past coexistes with the future, becoming an object as so infinite, as unfinished.





About scopio addendum

Scopio Magazine Addendum is now an autonomous publication that is published annually and linked to the global theme of Scopio Magazine, that rules each cycle by three years, as well as the class of each year: Architecture, City and Territory. However, the Addendum is published separately, with its own ISSN and in a year's date that can be different from the other Scopio Magazine's publications belonging to the same cycle and class.

Crossing Borders, Shifting Boundaries is the global theme of this cycle that aims to contribute to redefine the frontiers between the worlds that think and use different means of artistic expression, as it happens within the worlds of the visual, performing and literary arts, directing the readers to diverse disciplinary and artistic universes: from architecture to philosophy, painting to performance, photography to video or film.

Scopio Magazine Addendum, Crossing Boarders, Shifting Boundaries: City already appears in this new autonomous model with a format of artistic book: "Indian's Heart" or in tupi , indigenous language, "Nynhã Aba". With a new and distinct format from the original, this is a book based on the process of investigation about the indigenous and rustic communities of Northeast Brazil that Ângela Ferreira developed, integrated on her PhD work with the title: The mirror of the Indian: the affection's aesthetic on the self-portrait of the indigenous child on the Photopainting. 

Pedro Leão Neto


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